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Leave Arial to the worker drones

Flex your creative muscle and rise above the rest with bold, strong typography.

Suitcase Attaché™ for Windows® connects your font collection to Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint®.

Browse, preview and apply fonts with a single click.


Show your vision with fonts

Presentation is everything. And in documents, that boils down to fonts. They tell your story. Preview and experiment with any font in any document – presentation, annual report, or family newsletter.

Change fonts quickly with this visual menu

Suitcase Attaché is a visually appealing view of all of your fonts in a single menu. So much easier than scrolling through an incredibly long font menu repeatedly.


Includes over 1200 free fonts from Google

Immediately expand your font collection with over 1200 free fonts from Google Fonts. Suitcase Attaché also automatically downloads new fonts as they are added to the collection.


Automatic font activation

Fonts applied with Suitcase Attaché are automatically activated and available the next time you open the document.

Connected to Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Attaché auto-activates any fonts stored in Suitcase Fusion. For more font management power, consider Suitcase Fusion.

Try it FREE for 7 days

Take Suitcase Attaché for a spin. We’re sure that you’ll have an immediate creative boost.

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*NOTE: Suitcase Attaché is available for Microsoft Office 2007 thru 2013 on Microsoft Windows only.