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Nail your next branding project with our webcast and branding resources. Effective font management and digital asset management are critical to any brand, so we worked in partnership with consultant, trainer, speaker, and author Pariah Burke to deliver deep insights and useful downloable resources.

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Share your team’s fonts in the cloud

  • Share your font library
  • Easily invite users to access your library
  • Suitcase Fusion included FREE for all users
  • All upgrades included free during subscription

“Suitcase TeamSync is the perfect font management solution for Amnesty International’s small design team of five. Designers simply upload their fonts to TeamSync’s cloud-based repository, and they’re instantly available to anyone within the team. This keeps the creative team’s workflow moving and requires little time from IT, enabling both groups to be more efficient.”

Mark Curtis
IT Technical Support Officer
Amnesty International


Simple, professional font distribution

Give every designer on your team easy access to your licensed font collection.

Suitcase TeamSync allows you to curate and distribute your font library automatically across your entire team.

This new cloud-based font server makes professional font management easy so you can focus your time and energy on doing great work.

Remove font issues

Teams can easily get into trouble by using different versions of the same font. Text reflows, missing fonts and even missing glyphs can easily derail any project. Resolve font issues such as font conflicts and missing fonts by introducing Suitcase TeamSync to your creative team today.

No IT support?
No problem!

Suitcase Team Sync is easy to setup—no server hardware or complex user management required. Install Suitcase Fusion 7 for your users and connect to your TypeSync font libraries in the Cloud. It’s just that easy.

Creative power

Every Suitcase TeamSync subscription includes Suitcase Fusion, the industry-standard of creative workflows for years. Give your team the power to browse, compare, comp, and organize your collection of fonts.

Support and upgrades included

With Suitcase TeamSync, your entire team always gets free software upgrades – to Suitcase Fusion and TeamSync – so you never have to worry about staying up-to-date and compatible with Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe updates.

Reliable cloud technology

Using a cloud-based server frees you from maintaining and upgrading an on-premise server – so you save money on hardware and IT maintenance. Powered by trusted Amazon cloud technology, Suitcase TeamSync is as reliable as it is useful.

When clients are disconnected from the server due to lack of internet access, shared font libraries that have been downloaded are available for use, ensuring the maximum productivity for your team.

Your team’s fonts are reliably stored in the cloud, ensuring the quick and easy setup of new user hardware and recovery from unexpected laptop spills, drops and other unfortunate incidents.


Subscription simplified

Suitcase TeamSync is licensed through a simple subscription that allows your team to share fonts for an
affordable monthly cost.


$8 / month per user
billed annually


Supports teams of all sizes


Suitcase Fusion included FREE
for all TeamSync users
during subscription


Flexible and scalable

Need to add new members to your quickly expanding team? It’s easy to add or remove users to any existing Suitcase TeamSync subscription. Never worry about giving users access to your font library again.

Suitcase Fusion or Suitcase TeamSync?

If you are a single-user with up to 2 machines, Suitcase Fusion will meet your needs. If you work in a team environment, consider implementing a font server solution like Suitcase TeamSync. Suitcase TeamSync uses Suitcase Fusion as the client, and is included free for all TeamSync subscribers.

Which font server do I need?

Extensis offers both cloud-based and on-premise font management solutions.

Compare Extensis Font Managers

Suitcase Fusion


Suitcase TeamSync

Suitcase TeamSync

Universal Type Server


Designed for Individual creative users who need to keep fonts organized and stay productive Creative teams who want to share & sync fonts using the power of the cloud Creative teams who are concerned about font licensing, usage, distribution & control
Number of Users 1 (up to 2 devices) 2+ 2+
Licensing Perpetual per account Subscription Perpetual per account
Font sharing Cloud, between 2 machines Cloud-based
Extensis-hosted server
On-premise or Off-premise
installed server
Auto activate with plug-ins for Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications InDesign®, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, InCopy®, After Effects and QuarkXPress® Yes! Yes! Yes!
Fast, easy font previews Yes! Yes! Yes!
Familiar font management interface Yes! Yes! Yes!
Works on Mac OS Yes! Yes! Yes!
Works on Windows Yes! Yes! Yes!
Centralized font storage & distribution Yes! Yes!
On-premise, or off-premise
installed solution
Supports physical or virtual
file server instances
Deployable on AWS, Rackspace, Azure or other cloud servers Yes!
Narrowly control user font access Yes!
Font licensing, use tracking & reporting Yes!
Failover services compatible Yes!
Active Directory or Open Directory user management (LDAP) Yes!
Kerberos single sign-on network authentication Yes!
SF7-AppIconLearn More about
Suitcase Fusion
TeamSync-Icon-90Subscribe to Suitcase TeamSync UTS-AppIconLearn More about
Universal Type Server


Click here if you’d like help deciding

Help Me Decide

Do you rely upon your IT department for all software?

Does your team have regular access to the internet?

Do you need to track your font licenses, report on font usage, and ensure font license compliance?

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I test Suitcase TeamSync?

Yes. A free 30-day trial is available for you and your team. Sign up for a trial, and give 5 users access for up to 30 days.

What is the difference between Suitcase Fusion and Suitcase TeamSync?

Suitcase TeamSync uses Suitcase Fusion to connect to your font library in the cloud, so your users get access to powerful font management tools as well as cloud-based font sharing capabilities.

Technical Questions

Where are my fonts stored?

When you add your fonts to Suitcase Fusion, they are stored locally on your machine in the Font Vault. When fonts are added to libraries that are shared with TeamSync, the fonts are uploaded to Extensis cloud servers and a copy is stored for you in the cloud.

Is there a limit to the number of fonts that I can add?

No. We don’t limit the number of fonts you can add. We’ve had users add tens of thousands of fonts without issue. We also do not limit the types of fonts you upload and share. All uploaded fonts are available only to your team. Yet, we strongly recommend that you purchase font licenses for all users who access fonts in your shared libraries.

Is there a limit to the number of users of TeamSync?

We have not set any user limits and expect that TeamSync will be able to support group sizes from a handful to hundreds. Subscribe for the number of users that you need at the start (as few as two users) and add new users as your team expands.

How fast is Suitcase TeamSync?

Very fast. Fonts are added to Suitcase Fusion and then uploaded to the cloud-based Suitcase TeamSync. The only time you might notice any synchronization lag is the first time you upload fonts. Your users will only notice a lag the first time they download fonts. Every other time Suitcase Fusion connects to TeamSync (about every 15 minutes), it checks for any changes between the client & server (new fonts, removed fonts, etc.) and automatically makes the change. This ensures a seamless experience for users while keeping the load off your network.

How powerful is Suitcase TeamSync?

TeamSync is backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services. These worldwide servers are reliable and able to handle even the largest font library. AWS is a trusted service that is used by Adobe, Netflix, Condé Nast, Slack, NASA and more. You can trust Suitcase TeamSync and AWS with your font collection.

Can I choose who has access to my fonts?

Yes. With TeamSync, you create shared libraries and then give selected users access to specific libraries (a user can potentially have access to one or more libraries in your collection). You get to choose which users are designated as the Administrator of your account.

What happens when my Internet connection is lost?

Once all of your fonts are downloaded from the cloud server, a network outage will not disrupt the activation, deactivation and searching of fonts in Suitcase Fusion. A server connection is required to upload new fonts, remove fonts and create new sets.

What do I need to install to use Suitcase TeamSync?

To manage users and create shared font libraries, administrators need a browser and access to the internet. Those who manage and use fonts will need to install Suitcase Fusion on their machines. Each unique user can install Suitcase Fusion on up to two machines. That’s it.

What operating systems are supported?

TeamSync accounts can be administered from any computer with a browser and access to the internet. End-user font management is done through Suitcase Fusion on both Mac OS and Windows.

How does Suitcase TeamSync deal with OS-limited fonts?

Fonts that are limited to a specific operating system will need to be added from that OS. For example, PostScript fonts built for Mac OS will need to be added to a shared library from a machine using Suitcase Fusion on Mac OS. The names of fonts in shared libraries will be visible to all users who have access to that library. If a font is not compatible with the user’s OS, the name will show up in red and not be enabled for preview or activation.

Will I need to pay to upgrade Suitcase Fusion in the future?

When you subscribe to Suitcase TeamSync, you have upgrade protection. When a new version of Suitcase Fusion is released, you can download and install it for all of your TeamSync users. This makes it easy to stay up to date with OS updates, updates to Adobe Creative Cloud compatibility and more. Be sure to enable the “Update Suitcase Fusion Automatically” preference to ensure that your users are always notified when a new version is available.

How many machines can my users install Suitcase Fusion on?

Your users can install Suitcase Fusion on up to two machines and access the same account. This ensures that your users’ font collections are in sync across machines and that they have access to your shared font libraries.

Will you support older versions of Suitcase Fusion connecting to TeamSync?

The current version of Suitcase Fusion is required to connect to Suitcase TeamSync. All updates to Suitcase Fusion are free during your subscription period, and required to ensure proper connectivity with TeamSync servers.

Does Suitcase Fusion for iOS work with Suitcase TeamSync?

Yes, indeed. All of your users can use Suitcase Fusion for iOS to access fonts in libraries shared with each user. This does not count toward your client count.

Subscription questions

How do I subscribe?

It’s easy to subscribe for your team by purchasing from the Extensis store. User subscriptions are billed for the full year for the number of users required. Buy as many subscriptions as you need, and add users at your convenience. Subscriptions are paid using a credit card and begin immediately after purchase. You can begin administering users accounts immediately after purchase. To ensure that your team always has access to their font management tools, your subscription automatically renews at the end of your subscription period.

When does my TeamSync subscription begin?

Your subscription begins immediately after your credit card payment. You can begin creating shared libraries and inviting users immediately.

Can I subscribe for less than a year?

On the initial setup of your account, you will need to pay for a full year subscription for every user you need to connect. When you add new user subscriptions over the course of the year, these subscriptions will be prorated so that all user subscriptions renew at the same time (we call this “co-terminus” – snazzy, eh?). Prorating is done down to the day, so it’s as precise as we can make it for you.

What is the minimum number of user subscriptions?

You can subscribe for as few as a 2 users. We expect TeamSync to be popular with teams of all sizes, from small creative groups to even larger agencies, publishers, retailers and manufacturers.

How do I add more user subscriptions?

After you have created an initial subscription, it’s easy to add new user subscriptions. New users are created at a prorated cost so that all of your users renew at the same time (“co-terminus” billing). The cost will be calculated down to the day, so if you add a new user 6 months into your subscription, you’ll only be billed for 50% of that year’s subscription for that specific user.

What if I need to remove users?

It’s easy to remove users from shared libraries, when a freelancer’s contract is up, for example. When a TeamSync Admin removes a user, the next time that user’s machine syncs, any shared libraries will be automatically removed. If the user hasn’t purchased Suitcase Fusion separately, they will also be logged out of Suitcase Fusion.

Do I need to subscribe from the computer that I want to use?

No. You can subscribe, administer your account, and invite users from any computer.

How do I invite users to my TeamSync libraries?

After you subscribe, it’s easy to invite users to your shared TeamSync libraries. Users are invited, tracked and removed by their email address, typically tied to an Extensis account. If your users don’t already have an Extensis account, they will be invited to create one when they login to Suitcase Fusion. You don’t need a list of email addresses when you subscribe. Users can be invited whenever you need to add them to your workgroup’s shared libraries. This makes it easy to deploy TeamSync across your entire team whenever and wherever you need to.

Do my users need to purchase Suitcase Fusion separately?

With a TeamSync subscription, your users will get free access to download and install Suitcase Fusion. When your users login, they are given full access to use Suitcase Fusion as well any font libraries that you share with them.

What happens if my users already have the current version of Suitcase Fusion?

If you have already purchased the current version of Suitcase Fusion, your TeamSync Admin can add you to the account so that you can gain access to the shared libraries. This will consume a TeamSync user subscription license, even if Suitcase Fusion was purchased separately.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We’d be sad to see you go, of course. If you choose to discontinue your subscription, connect to administer your TeamSync account on the Extensis site. We recommend that you use Suitcase Fusion to collect (export) all of your fonts out of shared libraries prior to the end of your subscription. When your subscription ends, your users will no longer have access to Suitcase Fusion for font management, nor any fonts stored in TeamSync libraries.

Can I downgrade from Suitcase TeamSync to Suitcase Fusion after my subscription has ended?

When your subscription ends, you can purchase separate Suitcase Fusion licenses for your team members at the full license cost. These will be perpetual licenses of the version that you purchase. You will be forgoing the upgrade protection included in a Suitcase TeamSync subscription, and will not be able to take advantage of the online account management features and less expensive subscription costs of TeamSync.

What happens when it’s time to renew my subscription?

To ensure that your users continue to have access to their font manager, your account will automatically renew at the end of your subscription period. We will contact your administrator’s email account to notify you of the renewal. The full subscription amount for the required number of users ($8 per month, per user, for one full year) will automatically be charged to the credit card we have on file. If you process your renewal manually on, your renewal start date will still begin on the date that your previous year ends. You can modify the number of required users prior to the subscription renewal by processing your renewal manually. If you need fewer user subscriptions at the start of the coming year, reduce your user subscription number and then renew. If you reduce the number of subscriptions, you will continue to have access at the higher number until your subscription renewal time.

What happens if my credit card expires?

If your credit card on file expires, we will give you a grace period of 30 days to enter a valid new card. Enter a new card number as soon as possible to ensure your users always have access to Suitcase Fusion and font libraries shared through TeamSync. At the end of the grace period, your users will no longer be able to login to Suitcase Fusion, and thus no longer able to share or access your fonts with TeamSync. Extensis will continue to store all of your fonts in TeamSync cloud, so when you reinstate your TeamSync account you will never lose any of your fonts.

Where can I find my Suitcase TeamSync subscription details?

Login to your Extensis account and click on the My Products tab. This lists all of the products that you have registered with Extensis, as well as your TeamSync subscription details.

Still need more info?

We’re happy to help you answer any question about Suitcase TeamSync. Please contact our Customer Service team.


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